Trust me…if you are a beer lover Belgium is the place to be!

💕Some good friends of ours live in Bruxelles and on a Friday morning we decided to give them a call and meet over some beers! At that point we where living in Putte-Kapellen Holland – around 1 hour to drive – and I was suuuuper excited because it was also my first visit to Belgium <3


Padabum padaba few hours later we where there waiting for our friends to get out of work ( yea yeah we had the day off – so double excitement on our side 😀 )

Now to get back to beers – because they live there of course they know better and we decided to listen to their advice about the location and types of beer to try. 😎

This is how we arrived 👞 at Café Des Halles a cool place downtown (you can see some pictures below – take a closer look into my eyes – and you can see how happy I was with the decision) where we spent a few hours.🍻💫

Here you’ll find 🔍 some of the most sought-after craft beers in the world!!!🌍

We only tried a few of them…just to be sure we can go home to our friends safe and sound :)) …. and yes we decided to extend our trip until Sunday – to visit more …. ok fine and to have a drive in a Bentley <3 but I will tell you everything about this in another post!

Fact: They don’t drink a lot of beer! In Europe they are on the 15th place when it comes to consumption per capita.

🍺So have you ever tried any Belgian beer? 🇧🇪 If yes…what you think about it?

After we took of from the bar, on our way home…we couldn’t miss to drink ANOTHER beer….but this time right in the city center <3 under the full moon!

“Brussel in the night”

“Beer under full moon”

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