If you plan to visit Spain for the first time or the 100th time – you are welcome here to take a look over my proposals for you, reviews and honest thoughts!

This country has everything you want for! No matter if you are here on a budget trip, a backpack around Europe, searching for a luxurious vacay, or just a mix in between…but you CAN FIND ANYTHING you wish for! Plus lots of good wines….and you know…wine is always there!

Things to See and Do in Spain

Discover Barcelona
Wonder in Málaga
Discover Costa del Sol
Taste the amazing food
Visit a Bullring
Do wine testings
Explore Madrid
Visit Tenerife

Typical Costs When Travelling

Accommodation – when it comes to Spain you can have some pretty cheap when options compared to other countries in Europe. To go in details a little – dorm beds in hostels can be found for around 17+ EUR per night and go as high as 35+ EUR in major cities. If you opt for a hostel private room prices start around 40+ EUR per night.

Yes you will have in most of them Free WiFi and some hostels come with free breakfast also. Budget hotels begin around 45+ EUR for a twin/double and go up from there.

As usual you will find slightly lower prices outside the major cities and tourist areas.

Food – You are in Spain so here you will get cheap tapas and sandwiches meals or “Huevos frito” fried eggs for between 3-10+ EUR.

If you want wine included, expect to spend about 15+ EUR per meal. A good restaurant meal will set you back around 13 EUR. If you go out for paella, drinks, or appetizers, then you should plan to spend around 30 EUR for a meal. Spain has a lot of expensive restaurants, and meals there begin around 35 EUR+ with a drink.

Fast food like McDonalds and Burger King cost around 10 EUR.

Groceries will cost around 25-30 EUR per week – if you stick to local markets. Here you’ll also find the cheapest and freshest products! So go there and take a look.

Transportation – From car rentals, to trains, buses and BlaBla Car you have many options available to cross Spain from one point to another!

We decided to rent a car for our 1 week stay and this because in our case it was the fastest and also the cheapest options. If you plan to use the public transport, while the train system is fast, it’s also expensive so if you have the time and want to go on a budget, take the buses.


Suggested daily budget – 100-150 EUR + if you stay in a hotel, car rental, go to museums, eat out in a medium place 2 + times that day, maybe some souvenirs also.

50-60 EUR +  assuming you’re staying in a hostel, eating out a little, cooking most of your meals, and using local transportation.

Money Saving Tips

Get the menu of the day If you want to eat good and on a budget you can have a look first at the menu of the day when you are in a restaurant. Like the House Pizza or House Salad - you can get the most of it at the best price!
Ride with Public Transportation If you want to save some money and have the time the bus will be your best friend! Also you can have a look at car rentals if you prefer to stay in a remote area.
Get city passes If you want to visit as much as you can, go to as many museums as possible and so on - take a look at city passes! Just go on google and search city pass and the city you plan to go and Voila - you can get some great deals!
Couchsurf This should be the cheapest version to spend a night in any place in this world. If you are comfortable enough with sharing your space with someone else this might be the best option available! You can check AirBnb and also local couchsurf website.

What can I expect from Spain?

Amazing people, ready to help you if you need some guidance and make your feel welcome. Delicious food and trust me I am not the type that eats everything =))) But the Spanish cuisine has some absolutely unforgettable dishes. I encourage you to taste as much as you can and let me know what is your favorite meal!

A great history with impressive places that will take you back in time, make you wander and fall in love with this beautiful country.

Great beaches with mesmerizing sunsets – yeah you can lay there all day long if you want to, enjoy tons of ice-creams and funk it some prosecco because why not!!

  • Around the Province of Malaga you can find some amazing "pueblos blanco" - white villages! With white washed homes and narrow passageways, Mijas is one of them!

  • Now let me tell you more about my TOP 10 favorite things to do in this amazing Andalusian city that – that in my opinion, you should not miss if you get there:

  • Visit Gibraltar Attractions In 1 Day!​ Rising up high as an indomitable peak at the gateway between Spain and the African coast, Gibraltar is a unique destination and a MUST SEE place! However you plan to arrive into Gibraltar, by air, foot, car



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