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With impressive history, stunning scenery, delicious food, great weather and nice culture, Málaga seems to have it all!

Málaga’s history spans about 2,800 years, making it one of the oldest cities in Europe and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. So if you love to stroll through a new city, discover its history and great sites you really are in the right place.

Unfortunately we only had one day to visit and learn as much as possible about this city.

Now because we wanted to see EVERYTHING :)) we (….ahmmm…) decided to wake as early as possible everyday (almost) and jump in the road (I mean…in the car not in the middle of the road like crazy :”>)

So long story short throughout the Spanish holiday I was a real morning person – more than on working days – so the morning of leaving to Málaga was no exception and we arrived there around 9am. (45min drive from the place where we lived)


With all that fear, it’s much easier to stay at home in our comfort
zones than to break out and travel.

We arrived in Málaga by car and found some good options to park it even if we used it only to go to Alcazaba and after right in the city center.

Our first stop was The Alcazaba – one of Malaga’s treasures and you can park your car right next door…literally.

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“Malaga's ArtDistrict”

“Never Ending Footsteps”

After our visit to The Alcazaba & Castillo de Gibralfaro  we decided to drink another coffee and eat something just to start the day with a full stomach 😀 and not get grumpy until noon so we went to the city center.

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