Are you thinking to visit Gibraltar Attractions In 1 Day!? The truth is…you are almost able to do that…depending on what you want to see more 😀

Rising up high as an indomitable peak at the gateway between Spain and the African coast, Gibraltar is a unique destination and a MUST SEE place!

However you plan to arrive into Gibraltar, by air, foot, car or sea, make sure you make it early in to morning in order to visit as much as possible!

Before you walk into Gibraltar you must cross the runway of the airport and pass the custom control.

We rented a car for the entire stay in Spain and it took almost 3 hours to enter (due to the looong queue at the border crossing) and find a parking spot…So you can consider leaving the car in neighbouring La Línea and walking across by foot.

Colourful streets of Gibraltar

They only have around 29 km of roads…and believe it or not, it’s one of the most crowded places in Europe!

“Narrow streets of Gibraltar”

“and some delicious Pizza”


Depending in your time, and how much energy you want to invest in this…you can go by foot or you can take the cable car.

Cable Car Gibraltar - LexSeries

“Up we Go”

Cable Car Gibraltar - LexSeries

“Enjoy the view”

Now….because we arrived a little late then when planned ….and only because of this….we decided to take the cable car. :))

It was a 6 minute ride from down to the top of the rock of Gibraltar. Of course this is the easiest way up and down and from our perspective worth every penny!

You can see 3 Countries & 2 Continents from here!

“How awesome is this?”